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J. Huxley Walters has enjoyed a near lifetime
participation in shooting and other outdoor sports. The
most prominent of those were quail hunting with his small
bore double guns and fine blood line of Brittany pups.
Walters, also, was quite active in competitive pistol and
shotgun shooting sports and enjoyed accumulating and
passing on to others a sizable collection of fine collectible
handguns, Winchesters, double shotguns, custom-made
rifles and custom knives. The writer recognizes that one
doesn’t live forever and there, really, is pleasure in

With a degree in Accounting from East Carolina
University, Walters spent his professional career as a tax
accountant, financial manager, real estate investor and
commercial real estate developer in central Florida.

As a friend and client of Ralph Bone, Enedino De
Leon and several custom gun makers, who collaborated
their artistry with Bone, the author, naturally, accumulated
little-known information about the men and their artistry.

However, it was requests for information from
enthusiasts of Ralph Bone knives that prompted the
author to compile this account of the makers’ careers and
this exhibition of examples of their achievements. The
writer, sincerely, hopes the reader enjoys “The Artistry of
Ralph P Bone” and that the book pays suitable tribute to
the artistry of Ralph Bone and Enedino De Leon and to
those with whom they chose to collaborate their talents.