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As a decorated young Marine veteran, just home from
the war, just by chance, Enedino De Leon became the
custom knife-making protege of Ralph Bone at the “Ralph
Bone Knife Company”. As a result of that tutoring and De
Leon’s talent and ingenuity, De Leon soon became one of
the most talented and highly sought out custom knife
makers that America has known to date!

Courtesy of John De Leon

Commencing in the early 1970s, it became De Leon’s
responsibility to produce the majority of the standard
production knives of the Ralph Bone Knife Company. A
few years later, he assumed total responsibility for
production and, at “De Leon Made Knives”, De Leon
became world famous for his many custom knife designs
and innovations.

“The Artistry of Ralph P Bone” provides details of De
Leon’s knife-making career and illustrates many examples
of his outstanding artistry, which spanned a period over
forty-five years, until De Leon’s untimely death in